The competition for a top talent, particularly professional talent, is fierce. That’s because many of the best candidates are already working, often in full-time, permanent positions. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for whoever’s actively looking for different work, or even unemployed.

We have endless connections to hard-to-find passive candidates who you might not find working with a smaller staffing agency or job board. These people will make the move to your company if the opportunity is right. Besides being connected to these candidates, our recruiters know their local markets better than anyone else. We have data that tells us how many like candidates exist in a certain geographic area, what the going salary is for any position, and much more. Everything you need to put together the right offer.

More than ever, the activities of technical and engineering industries are in a continuous move from a side to another of the globe. Where the industries go, the professionals must follow. But, moving contractors in a compliant, cost-effective and safe manner presents a unique set of challenges for hiring and operations managers. DigitalJob can act as a fully integrated outsourced Employment Organisation, working side-by-side with clients, taking the burden from in-house teams and managing the entire process on their behalf. By outsourcing your global employment to us, you will be able to quickly enter new markets, reduce costs, remain compliant while reducing risk, and have accurate and reliable payroll.

Mobilization, contractor management, support and demobilization can be complex and costly for a company to manage, especially when the company is dealing with multiple international locations and contractor nationalities.

We are here to provide not only benefits from cost and efficiency savings, but better experience on local markets in matter of compliance, contractor payment and local management.

Companies on the lookout for new talent have their work cut out for them. They must be aware of exactly the types of skills they will need in the near-to-medium-term future. This knowledge in turn requires an understanding of the changing business climate, technological advances, and market expectations.

But in order to have a clear look at which way the wind is blowing, it is necessary to know what your competitors are up to – which involves tracking their own new hires as a window into their upcoming strategies for growth. All of this research should come before even beginning the search for new candidates. Finding the necessary talent and then carrying out interviews, background checks and negotiations all comes later, and presents an entirely new set of challenges.

Employees are a major asset to your company. A dishonest employee can destroy a company reputation. They can upset other employees. They can also cause legal problems for you and your company.

Although most businesses have high talent standards, they also are challenged by limited resources. In addition, they frequently need to move quickly when the time comes to make a hire. Yet each applicant and employee adds business and security risk. That’s why pre employment screening of potential employees is critical. This is to ensure you have a full and accurate view of who you are hiring.