Employees are a major asset to your company. A dishonest employee can destroy a company reputation. They can upset other employees. They can also cause legal problems for you and your company.

Although most businesses have high talent standards, they also are challenged by limited resources. In addition, they frequently need to move quickly when the time comes to make a hire. Yet each applicant and employee adds business and security risk. That’s why pre employment screening of potential employees is critical. This is to ensure you have a full and accurate view of who you are hiring.

Background check it’s a service used by HR professional and other people in charge of talent acquisition to make informed decisions about hiring, reducing the risk and increasing accuracy of employee background checks.

When you bring a new employee into your business to fill a key role, you're exposed to risk. Your business is exposed, as are your stakeholders, investors, clients, current employees and suppliers. To operate successfully, you need to minimise that risk.

The key to minimising that risk is information.

It's not enough to take an application or CV as it is. You need to undertake a thorough and comprehensive background check to put you in the best possible position when you make a hiring decision.

DigitalJob specializes in providing businesses with in-depth, impartial information on a candidate's background and qualifications. That means that every piece of information we provide is completely accurate, allowing you to make recruitment decisions with confidence.