More than ever, the activities of technical and engineering industries are in a continuous move from a side to another of the globe. Where the industries go, the professionals must follow. But, moving contractors in a compliant, cost-effective and safe manner presents a unique set of challenges for hiring and operations managers. DigitalJob can act as a fully integrated outsourced Employment Organisation, working side-by-side with clients, taking the burden from in-house teams and managing the entire process on their behalf. By outsourcing your global employment to us, you will be able to quickly enter new markets, reduce costs, remain compliant while reducing risk, and have accurate and reliable payroll.

We ensure a positive experience for your employees, whilst controlling client costs and risks to deliver maximised investment in your personnel. We operate as a fully integrated partner developing and managing policies and assignees throughout the mobilisation process to repatriation.

Global Mobility services available include:

  • Visa/Immigration Administration.

  • Work Permit/Residency Permit Administration, Medical Insurance & Accommodation Management.

  • Travel Bookings & Travel Insurance.

  • Hotel Bookings.

  • Meet & Greet Services.

  • Relocation/Orientation Services.