Permanent / Direct Hire Recruitment

The competition for a top talent, particularly professional talent, is fierce. That's because many of the best candidates are already working, often in full-time, permanent positions. But that doesn't mean you have to settle for whoever's actively looking for different work, or even unemployed.

We have endless connections to hard-to-find passive candidates who you might not find working with a smaller staffing agency or job board. These people will make the move to your company if the opportunity is right. Besides being connected to these candidates, our recruiters know their local markets better than anyone else. We have data that tells us how many like candidates exist in a certain geographic area, what the going salary is for any position, and much more. Everything you need to put together the right offer.

Many of the permanent positions we fill offer life-changing opportunities to candidates, often relocating homes and families to the other side of the world. These are big decisions that need a lot of thought and consideration. Choosing the right role is essential and our team is on hand to offer international recruitment solutions.

That’s why we believe you need a strategic recruitment agency like us to partner with who recognises the thought and consideration that must go into making permanent hires, who can help clients and candidates navigate the hiring process to ensure you get the results you need.

Permanent hires are at the core of your business, helping you to grow and develop, so it’s imperative we find reliable individuals who have the skills and experience you require, but who are also the right personality fit for your organisation.

Temporary Staff / Contract Base Recruitment

DigitalJob is a contract workforce specialist, providing contract recruitment solutions across the engineering spectrum, including Oil and Gas, Power and Renewable Energy.

Hiring contractors or freelancers is often the most cost-efficient, on-demand and effective way of quickly finding experts who can deliver your business objectives in a determined time frame.

As an experienced strategic recruitment agency we have been offering our clients contract hiring solutions for the past 12 years, so our consultants are extremely well versed in working on project-based mandates and sourcing subject matter experts for specialist, niche roles.

We understand that there is usually a serious and urgent need for these individuals to be onsite, so we can work to extremely tight deadlines, without compromising on the quality of CVs we deliver.

We also appreciate that once the hire is made, that compliance and payroll issues are crucial to get right. That’s why we offer worldwide compliant payroll solutions, partnering with some of the best in the industry to help everyone navigate the compliance process and ensure you can sleep easy.

Managed Services

How does your company recruit? Many companies will carry out recruitment in-house. Or they may use one or more recruitment agencies. DigitalJob is offering industry-leading managed services to the global technical and engineering industries, helping companies to open up the true potential of their hiring functions.

DigitalJob works closely with our customers to build, organise and manage their contingent workforce. Our experts initiate a detailed evaluation of the existing contractor engagement model, review supplier services and margins and benchmark contractor rates.

This informs our recommendations that can deliver immediate payback through reduced costs, enhanced productivity and lower compliance risks.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

DigitalJob builds fully-integrated on-site recruitment models that combine with your business culture. Through our RPO service, we act as a true extension of your business, dedicating allocated resources to represent your employer brand and make strategic hires for your organisation.

Whether it’s to scale your business or make key, senior hires, we can provide a cost-efficient, compliant solution, giving your HR teams the time to focus on retention, and workplace transformation. The difference in the way our business is structured demonstrates we can provide an RPO service with effective ease, and that’s because we operate as a whole.

We conduct a rough analysis of current the recruitment processes and make recommendations to maximise the technology and workforce plans. We take responsibility for any or all related activities, from sourcing, assessment and screening, to evaluation and on-boarding new staff. Implementation can take from four to twelve weeks, depending on the scale and scope of the work. Once implementation is complete, DigitalJob takes full accountability for the management of the company-wide recruitment process.